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Willie’s Remedy™ Vapes


Elevate, Chill, Slumber
Get your show on the road, melt away stress, or set the stage for a peaceful sleep with Willie’s Remedy™ unique vape blends. Our vape trio is expertly crafted with a potent mix of CBD, terpenes and synergistic cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. The result is a targeted experience and an alternative to nicotine. Sourced from organically grown U.S. hemp, our vapes promise a cleaner, greener way to smoke—a non-addicting, non-intoxicating natural lift with the true flavor of Willie Nelson’s favorite plant.

In line with Willie Nelson’s “no B.S. policy,” our rechargeable vapes are free from artificial flavors and chemicals. They boast a 95% full-spectrum CBD and 5% terpenes ratio, ensuring the entourage effect and maximum taste.