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Coast Delta 8 Vapes


Everything you’re looking for in a rechargeable disposable vape. Potent & NO additives. A perfect mixture of clear and amber Delta 8 distillate, plus terpenes, providing you with an experience out of this world. 

We recommend a gentle 2-3 sec puff. Wait 15 minutes to see how the product affects you before taking another puff.

Available in 6 bomb flavors: 

Sativa - Lychee Meteor, 

Hybrid - Watermelon Zittlez, Banana in Orbit, Supernova Honey, 

Indica - Cosmic Rainbow and Space Mango.

600+ puffs 2ml/2000mg packed into a VSHAPE tank to ensure each drop of concentrate is consumed. Next generation ceramic heating technology by Formatrix technology. And equipped with Duuair Technology for its anti-clogging feature.

Ingredients :  95% Delta 8, 5% Terpenes, 0% Cutting Agents