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In Harmony with Nature

A Refreshing Twist to Your Smoking Routine

Welcome to a greener way to smoke with Willie's Remedy’s hemp smokes, crafted in partnership with Coast Smokes. These aren't just any smokes – they’re a healthier, eco-conscious choice for those looking to switch things up. Grown with love in Oregon's lush fields, our hemp smokes feature a biodegradable filter, embodying our commitment to the planet.

Why Hawaiian Haze? Well, we think it's the perfect match for its uplifting yet soothing vibe. Light, breezy, and kissed with a hint of tropical sweetness, it’s ideal for chilling out or enjoying good company.


CBD Vapes

Pick Your Mood: Elevate, Chill, or Slumber

Dive into our world of CBD vapes, where every puff is a step closer to harmony.

ELEVATE: Get a burst of uplifted energy with our invigorating blend of CBD, CBG, and natural terpenes.

CHILL: Melt away the day's stress with our serene mix of CBD and calming terpenes.

SLUMBER: Unwind & rejuvenate with a relaxing blend of CBD, CBN, and soothing terpenes.

Rest easy knowing that purity and safety are at the heart of what we do. Each vape is a promise – of quality, trust, and nature's best.