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Bloom CBD Surf 1g Vape


Introducing the Bloom CBD Surf, a sleek device designed to deliver the natural effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in a convenient all-in-one vaporizer. Featuring the classic cannabis flavor: Pineapple Express, the CBD Surf will deliver up to nearly 200 flavorful draws in a USB-C rechargeable 1000mg tank. Crafted with pure CBD and natural terpenes, the CBD Surf is available in our proprietary Surf hardware. This device has ceramic heating elements that prevent overheating and triple-airflow for bigger hits and better flavor. Whether you're seeking relief from anxiety, stress, pain or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, the Bloom CBD Surf is your trusted companion on the journey to wellness.

Taste: Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical, Cedar

Ingredients: CBD Oil, Natural Terpenes and Terpenoids. THC free

All natural ingredients. Zero additives, PEG, Vitamin E. THC and Nicotine Free. Lab Tested. 


As a group of cannabis aficionados and enthusiasts, we simply wanted a better way to vape our favorite strains. So in 2014, we set out to design vape hardware that could replicate the essence of smoking cannabis and hemp flower. And since then, we’ve been perfecting extraction processes and innovating our hardware platforms to give consumers a superior vaping experience.